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SEO (search engine optimization) is an ongoing process of optimizing your online presence with the goal of attracting more business from relevant searches. It is a fundamental investment that over time can generate sustained long term traffic to a website. There is a lot of lingo associated with SEO that can make it confusing. Explained below are some key elements.

Our SEO expertise

Local SEO

If you type ‘best pizza near me’ into Google, we see that the top of the search results has a box of local business listings and a map. This is called the local snack pack. It is very important that your business be positioned in this box, particularly if you are a locally relevant business, as it gets quite a lot of clicks. A recent study has shown this figure to be around 33% of clicks.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO focuses on obtaining a higher natural placement in search results. The organic results appear beneath the paid and generally below the local search section. Right now, different strategies are required to boost organic performance when compared to Local SEO. The duration is generally longer and the budget required larger. Competition for organic keywords can be fierce as other algorithm factors come into. ‘How to lose weight fast’ will likely return an authority website, not Joe’s 3 page blog he created last week.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO refers to the important on-page ingredients that help Google bot crawl, interpret and index the site correctly. Many websites we come across have fundamental issues and are falling down on some basic technical elements. The long list includes site structure, security, poor load performance, mobile friendly issues, broken links and duplicate content to name but a few. An in depth SEO audit reveals all these issues that are holding the websites back from ranking higher.

Content Strategy

A SEO content strategy is a fundamental part of the marketing plan. It includes planning, creating and delivering relevant, meaningful and engaging content that attracts the company’s target customer. The core idea is to rank this content high in the search engines and capture the qualified traffic into specific parts of the sales funnel. A great strategy includes relevance, research, industry expertise and an in-depth understanding of the audiences needs. It’s more than just stuffing keywords into content these days.

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