Ciaran Robinson is a personal trainer in Galway who operates Ciaran Robinson Personal Training. He offers flexible personal training packages for clients of all fitness levels. This includes one-to-one training, online training support and custom meal plans that are tailored to the clients fitness specific goals and requirements.

Challenge He Faced

A leading personal trainer with over 12 years professional and personal experience in the fitness industry, his business had very limited online presence. He used his social media profiles on Facebook and Instagram to share content related to fitness, health and well-being which generated some leads and interest in his services.  However, he had no way to showcase his professional services in Galway and the surrounding areas.

The Strategy

Our strategy was to build an effective web presence that would enable Ciaran to showcase his passion, grow his audience through blogging and social media and provide the mechanism for him to market his services. It was established early that we needed to build the CR Fitness brand as an authority in Galway for personal training. We were blown away by Ciarans passion for what he does. We needed to create a brand identity that really represented that.

What We Did

We worked very closely with CR Fitness to design and build a beautiful bespoke WordPress website that was clean, sleek and fast. A brand style guide and custom logo was developed that defined CR Fitness online. When the website went live, our attention immediately shifted to promotion and search engine optimization. It was fantastic working Ciaran and we have no doubt that CR Fitness has a very promising future!